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Water heaters are an essential piece of equipment of every Arlington, TX house, but with the latest in technology, new models are designed to provide cost efficient and energy saving features that more customers feel the need to upgrade to these units. Tankless water heaters are among the latest units. Your BBB top rated plumber, Berkeys, will answer all your water heater questions. Call 972-737-7174 today.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

Unlike conventional water heaters that have tanks as storage, this unit needs no tanks for it can instantly and continuously provide hot water in its system. Water is automatically heated as it flows through the device.

Is a Tankless Water Heater Right for You?

For homeowners who are thinking about upgrading to tankless water heater, it may be more costly to install this type compared to the conventional ones, but, water heaters are a necessity, which means you will use it every day for the rest of your life and once you invest on it, you will enjoy a lifetime of lower electricity cost and tax credits, because the government allows tax credits for some brands of tankless water heater. If you feel that it will cost you a lot, you may find choices that may go within your budget.

Unlimited Hot Water

With tankless water heater, there is no tank to be filled, which means, continuous flow of water. It instantly works for as long as it senses that there is a need for hot water. You will never run out of hot water while you are in the shower, doing the laundry or washing the dishes unlike in conventional tanked water heater.

Residential and Commercial Tankless Water Heater

Water heater users need not worry about availability of tankless water heaters because there is a wide array of choices to meet every demand of this equipment. You can rely on distributers that have these in stock for 24/7 delivery. You can even find one that seems to be customized for your individual need, by upgrading to tankless water heaters, you will be satisfied with all the benefits that come with it. Commercial units are built for heavy duty applications and there are residential models of all sizes and design to fit your home.